Digital representation of Dutch colonial past


1 oktober 14:45 - 15:05 uur


Deze lezing is alleen in het Engels te volgen, daarom wordt onderstaande tekst alleen in het Engels aangeboden.

Dutch institutions have committed to the objective of sharing a more inclusive and multifocal narrative when it comes to the colonial past of the country. They have undertaken different measures and actions to change approach towards this controversial period. This engagement has resulted in the application of decolonisation curatorial practices inside museums and in the active recognition of past mistakes and discriminatory approaches.

My thesis explores the online extract of the Rijksmuseum’s collections dedicated to the colonial past and presented in the official app and how these decolonisation practices are embedded. The study demonstrated improvements in the way this colonial narrative is represented, but it also revealed that there is still room for progress and ameliorations in order for the Rijksmuseum to reach more inclusiveness and polyvocality.

After obtaining Italian linguistic diploma in 2015, Camilla Portesani moved to Strasbourg to attend double degree in Foreign Languages and Cross-cultural Studies & History of Art and proceeded with Master Erasmus in European Studies (EUROCULTURE) at the RuG (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen).

Deze lezing is onderdeel van het online symposium Vertel ErfGoed.

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